Kutana Wema: A Hope-Building Project

Dates: Jan 20-31, 2024 and Jan 4-15, 2025
Location: Mombasa, Kenya

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Why Kutana Wema? Travel with a purpose

Travel Design by Leila is proudly one of the community sponsors for Kutana Wema project. We are the recommended partner for Kutana Wema participants to assist them with their flight arrangements and any holiday extensions or extras they might be interested in.

What is Kutana Wema?

Kutana Wema is an opportunity to interact with and learn from street-connected children and outreach workers in Kenya. It includes a weeklong Intensive Program at Wema Centre, followed by an Integration Retreat in the magic of the Masai Mara.
Travel Design by Leila is not involved in delivering the Kutana Wema program itself. The project is co-hosted, organized and delivered by Redbird Therapy Centre (Toronto, Canada) in collaboration with Wema Centre (Mombasa, Kenya), Kutana is an educational exchange program and a fundraiser for Wema Centre.

Please find more information about the program and registration at the link below.


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